Exploring the best Christmas displays in Seattle

A Season of Lights: Exploring the Best Christmas Displays in Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland

The holiday season in Seattle and its neighboring cities, Bellevue and Kirkland, is a time of enchanting light displays and festive events. Among these, the Seattle Christmas Boat Parade stands out as a unique and mesmerizing celebration. Join us as we explore the most magical places in the area to experience the holiday lights, including neighborhoods, parks, museums, and the spectacular boat parade.

Candy Cane Lane in Ravenna, Seattle

Ravenna's Candy Cane Lane is a beacon of holiday tradition. For over seven decades, this neighborhood has been lighting up the winter nights with its heartwarming and festive decorations, making it an essential stop for anyone looking to soak in the holiday spirit.

Bellevue Botanical Garden - Garden d’Lights

Bellevue Botanical Garden's Garden d’Lights is a glowing wonderland, where flora and whimsical designs are crafted from hundreds of thousands of lights. This annual event attracts visitors from all over, eager to wander through its luminous landscape.

Seattle Christmas Boat Parade

A unique Seattle tradition, the Christmas Boat Parade showcases beautifully decorated boats sailing along the waterfront. This maritime procession is a must-see, offering a different perspective on holiday lights. Spectators can view the parade from various waterfront locations, enjoying the reflections of twinkling lights dancing on the water's surface.

Kirkland’s Marina Park

In Kirkland, Marina Park offers a serene holiday experience with its festive lights set against the backdrop of Lake Washington. The park is an ideal spot for those seeking a tranquil setting to enjoy the holiday lights.

Seattle Christmas Market @ Seattle Center

The Seattle Christmas Market in the Seattle Center provides food and entertainment options for the whole family. Indulge in seasonal delights, ride the carousel and enjoy the Christmas lights all over the Seattle Center. Be sure to buy tickets in advance!

Olympic Manor in Ballard, Seattle

Ballard's Olympic Manor neighborhood comes alive during the holidays, with residents decking their homes in an array of lights and decorations. This community's enthusiasm for the season is contagious and a delight to behold.

WildLanterns at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle

WildLanterns at Woodland Park Zoo is a holiday adventure, combining the joy of Christmas lights with the charm of wildlife. This event features animal-themed light installations, making it a unique festive destination.

West Seattle's Menashe Family Lights

The Menashe family lights in West Seattle have gained fame for their extravagant light display. The Menashe family home becomes a centerpiece of the neighborhood's holiday celebration, drawing visitors from all over the city. It's more than just a light show; it's a testament to the joy and generosity of the holiday season. The home is located in the 5600 block of Beach Drive SW - you can't miss it. 

The Seattle area, including Bellevue and Kirkland, offers a diverse and enchanting array of holiday light experiences. From the communal warmth of neighborhood displays like Candy Cane Lane to the unique spectacle of the Seattle Christmas Boat Parade and the serene beauty of Juanita Bay Park, there's something to capture every heart this holiday season. Embark on a journey through these luminous destinations and immerse yourself in the region's festive spirit.

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