How We Plan To Sell Your TYPE For More In HOOD

Why Choose PNW Residences & Compass To Sell Your TYPE?

The most frequent question we get at listing appointments is why should we list with you as opposed to another broker - usually a local expert that transacts almost exclusively within HOOD. Our answer is universal - the neighborhood expert will do a fantastic job at your listing your home and will be extremely effective at communicating your listing within their sphere and neighborhood newsletters etc. Doesn't sound like the best way to pitch ourselves - but its the truth and that's what we want to be known for.

But we do have a compelling reason to work with us instead that resonates with sellers. We utilize advanced digital marketing strategies - in addition to conventional marketing efforts, to maximize the reach of your listing to include buyers that are not actively searching for TYPE's in HOOD. It is our belief that when you list with any reputable broker, your home will reach the buyers that are actively canvassing HOOD for new listings. But what if that doesn't procure the sale? We see it all the time that homes sit on the market until a buyer comes along that wasn't actively searching in HOOD. This can add significant days on market to your listing which reduces buyer sentiment and increases your holding costs. We also believe that this issue can be compounded by curated searches that buyers typically use. If your listing doesn't match the specific criteria they have in their search, it's not going to land in their inbox and then you are waiting for them to stumble onto your listing or change their criteria. It just doesn't feel efficient to us. 

We proactively target these additional buyers. The conventional marketing efforts will handle the buyers we know are looking for TYPE's like yours, but we want to bring additional options to the table. How do we do this? The first step is to build you a webpage on our site that is specific to your listing. This provides a platform from which we can provide all of the details for your TYPE - without being restricted to just general marketing remarks in the multiple listing service. Once we have this set up, we use multiple digital marketing streams to drive traffic to this webpage to increase awareness of your listing. So how do we target buyers that aren't necessarily looking for your TYPE? We have access to two incredibly useful data sources. The first is user behavior on Compass has invested over a billion dollars into its technology, meaning their website has substantial search traffic. The second source is user behavior on this website. We rank in Google for most neighborhoods in TOWN, meaning we also get significant search traffic. Using pixels, we are able to digitally advertise your home to buyers we know are actively looking in TOWN and get your home on their screens. This helps to solve the problem of getting buyers that aren't actively searching in HOOD still getting exposure to your listing. 

Targeting these additional buyers requires significantly more work and increases our expenses when marketing your TYPE. That's why most brokers don't take these additional steps. It's what we would do if we were selling our own real estate however, and find that it is the exposure you deserve for your listing as well. It's likely that you have questions about this additional level of service and we want to answer them. If that is the case please reach out and we would be eager to set up a listing appointment to go over them in depth with you.